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References of my clients.
To anyone who is looking for a real estate agent in Seattle/Eastside area, I wholeheartedly recommend Yulia Billig. 
Super professional and responsible – she sold our house in 7 days at the right price, and did an exemplary work in advertising , showing and negotiating the sale. Yulia aggressively and appropriately uses modern internet technologies and social networks. Our open house looked like a feeding frenzy with 58 potential buyers in 3 hours in one day and the 4 offers that followed. She is such a pleasure to deal with and we felt confident and comfortable through the whole process.

Again, I strongly recommend Yulia – she is an agent in her own class."It is my pleasure to recommend Yulia Billig without reservation to anyone looking for an outstanding real estate agent. Here is my experience, which began when we contacted Yulia in July, 2011, and asked her opinion about selling our home in Woodinville, WA, as the result of a job relocation. We were concerned about selling in a slow real estate market, which meant that I might have to be separated from my family for some time until we could buy a new home.

Yulia’s knowledge of the market in our area was evident from the beginning. She told us what she felt were comparables in our area and recommended a realistic selling price. She had an abundance of market data to support this price, which was actually higher than other agents had suggested. She also had a strategy for selling our home. She advised waiting to sign the listing agreement until the house was properly staged and prepared; in her experience, houses get the most attention and response in the period immediately after listing. We followed her advice and spent several weeks cleaning and painting, as well as moving some excess furniture to a storage room and generally making the house look great. Here is what happened, and the records will support that this is not a fabrication: on the day after Yulia had us sign the listing agreement, she put up a sign in the front yard, with brochures featuring beautiful photographs taken by her photographer. She also had a very professional website prepared and online for prospective buyers. In addition, there was a video of the house – a virtual tour – on the internet as well. The first buyer came to look at our house that evening.  

The next day the buyer came back and made an offer. There was a modest and quick negotiation that took hours, not days, and we had a contract! Basically, we sold our house in one day.

Having said that, there were some details to be sorted out in the period following the inspection, our response to the buyer’s requests, and closing. Nevertheless, it was the quickest transaction in my life, and I have purchased and sold seven homes, not counting the one I am buying currently. Yulia was resourceful and knowledgeable, as well as diplomatic and tactful in resolving one or two areas of contention. I could not recommend her more highly.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to verify this recommendation."
Carey Winters. Woodinville.

"...We can strongly recommend Yulia –we just had closed a home purchase with her and had an extremely positive experience. 
1.Yulia puts significant effort into getting a full understanding of what client needs are and then thoroughly searchers for the best matches and offers for review only the houses that best fit your needs 
2.She is highly reliable and responsible person – which translates into your piece of mind in regard to the logistics of the house purchasing process 
3.She goes an extra mile in the negotiations with seller from purchase to post-inspection tweaks and fixes and makes sure you get maximum possible for your money ..."  
Chernyak family Issaquah.

"...Just a couple of days before closing we learned that the seller's agent had 'forgotten' to tell his client about a few things they had previously agreed to fix. He tried very hard to leave the problems on us. In those circumstances, Yulia fought back very professionally and eventually convinced the seller’s agent to perform the work at his own expense. If she wasn’t that persistent, we would lose either a few thousand dollars or the house that we liked. ”
​Bykov family Redmond.

"If you are looking for someone who is honest, forthright and focused and able to exceed/meet with your expectations, then Yulia Billig is your agent. She is very professional and surprised us with the amount of knowledge she has in the real estate business. Her foresight and meticulousness is highly commendable, she always thinks a few steps ahead and works very efficiently. Very organized, great attention to the minutest of details and thorough – you can rest if Yulia is working with you. She will fight on your behalf and work with you each step of the way. She is persistent in getting you what you want and she is unpretentious! While she takes initiative to guide and inform you, she will never step on your toes or impose upon you, and that to us was very important. 
You will enjoy her company and she will try and make the whole process fun and fulfilling. She made our entire home buying process enjoyable, smooth and effortless. We are enjoying our new home very much!! "
Rajshekar family. Sammamish.

"I would like to highly recommend this real estate agent Yulia Billig to anyone who is planning to buy/sell a house or a condo in a King county area. Me and my wife have been with her through buying and selling our condo and buying our present house and all I can tell is that we had a very pleasant experience of having a business with her.

She takes so much care of you and she is so detail-oriented that you just feel safe getting through the whole thing and knowing that you have a very smart and a very knowledgeable professional on your side.

Just one example of this: after we got an offer on our condo, she would call us on a regular basis and she would inform us of every significant approaching date; what moves to expect from the prospective buyer and what to watch out for. In short, she was able to get us a deal in a buyer's market suggesting optimal decisions to make on each and every step and completing tough negotiations with the buyer to our satisfaction."
Maltsev family. Bellevue.

"I wanted to express my appreciation for exceptional services rendered by Yulia Billig. I am a senior manager at Boeing and was recently relocated to the US, Puget Sound area. For my house hunting needs Boeing Global Mobility and Primacy Relocation luckily referred me to Julia Billig, accredited staging professional realtor and relocation specialist at RE/MAX Preference Redmond. I could not be thinking of a better choice for consulting, advice and support in the long and winding road of house purchase! Julia's experience and local market knowledge, self dedication and attention to all details of the customer situation along with creative and effective way of doing business make house hunting a fun, safe and easy going experience. wanted to express my appreciation for exceptional services rendered by Yulia Billig."
Alex Gavrilov, Issaquah.

"Yulia is a 5-star real estate agent. She sold our million dollar house in Sammamish in 2011. We were absolutely happy with her service. Yulia was experienced, professional and an excellent negotiator on our behalf. She offered her 100% personal attention through all phases of our transaction. She put every effort and quality time to make sure our real estate goals are achieved. We would recommend Yulia to our friends and definitely will return to her for our real estate needs."
Steven & Crystal C. Issaquah.

"To anyone who is looking for a real estate agent in Seattle/Eastside area, I wholeheartedly recommend Yulia Billig. 
Super professional and responsible – she sold our house in 7 days at the right price, and did an exemplary work in advertising , showing and negotiating the sale. Yulia aggressively and appropriately uses modern internet technologies and social networks. Our open house looked like a feeding frenzy with 58 potential buyers in 3 hours in one day and the 4 offers that followed. She is such a pleasure to deal with and we felt confident and comfortable through the whole process.

Again, I strongly recommend Yulia – she is an agent in her own class."
Mark, Redmond.

To all of my Seattle friends who may be looking to buy or sell a house or an apartment: I highly recommend and encourage you to call Yulia Billig (www.seattle4you.com). She is a very experienced real estate agent, and she will go above and beyond to ensure you are buying a good property and making a good investment, and all documents are in order. Thank you Yulia for your help!
Denis, Kirkland.

"I highly recommend Yulia's service. She is a very professional, experienced, and organized realtor. The thing I appreciated the most was her honesty and insightful analysis. She would always tell me all the important facts about the properties we were looking at - the pros and cons, the surrounding area, potential repairs in the future, and etc. There was never a time when I felt she was trying to make a quick sale. Through her, I found and purchased the condo of my dream. She is a realtor you can trust. Highly recommended!"
Julian, Seattle

"Dear Yulia,
Thank you very much for the smooth transaction. We love our new home. And we are really glad we have chosen you as our real estate agent. Your advices are invaluable to us as new homeowners. We wish you continued success in your business, prosperity to all your family, and hope to stay in touch with you."
Andrei, Redmond

I definitely highly recommend Yulia to anyone looking for a house. In the end, she saved me $$$, put zero pressure on me, was willing to look for a house as long as needed and she was very open about pluses/minuses of the houses. We had a hard negotiation with a seller (represented by a fairly slick REA), Yulia skillfully argued with the seller agent and stuck to our initial offer, saving $20K. I seriously doubt that using any discount agents (e.g., Redfin) or negotiating by myself, I would be able to get it down by this amount, especially given that the seller was improving the property in order to sell it at the asking price. Moreover, Yulia suggested a first-rate mortgage broker who was incredibly fast and available, and the rate with fees was better than FirstTech. Very smooth sailing from the beginning to the end and a full-service agent. Yulia saved me a lot of headaches, uncertainty and potential problems that come up in such transactions when one decides to cut corners. Frankly, house buying is probably the biggest financial transaction we do in our lives and it's very important to do it right. I recommend Yulia for that purpose. First-rate agent. Big thumbs up!
Ivan, Redmond

Yulia worked very quickly to help us find a home in a difficult market. Not only was it a home, but a home (and neighborhood) that we love. We were very impressed with her responsiveness, speed, straightforwardness, persistence, and knowledge. Many thanks to Yulia for her services.

Melinda, Redmond

We moved to Seattle area five years ago. My company moved us to Everett location and I, my wife Julia and our daughter joined beautiful Mukilteo community.
Our first house was a new construction in the center of Mukilteo Harbour Pointe area. Our choice of Mukilteo came due to a school district ratings. The real estate agency we used was provided by my company and the timeframe we had to find a new place was very short. We looked through number of options and decided to go with a relatively small size of the house and the property with advantage of low maintenance of the new construction house which we believed was best for us at that time.
Several years later we decided to find our dream house since we always wanted to leave close to the water and have a nice view. And Yulia helped us to make this dream to come true.
I knew several friends who moved to Seattle area around the same time with me and Yulia helped them to buy their houses. I asked one of them to give me a contact info and I’ve started to exchange emails with Yulia on our requirements and goals for the location, house and the property.
We wanted to stay in Mukilteo area due to a school district and find a place which will have a view of the sound. That time the market just started to pick up after the recession and it started to become seller’s market. First of all it was difficult to find a good house with the view and even if you found it it could be either unreasonably high price or strong competition among the buyers.
We started our search and Yulia began to send us options. It was very good communication – she was monitoring the market based on our needs and sending us options as they show up on the market. We picked couple of places and started to schedule appointments. We would like to say a lot of appreciation for Yulia’s patience with us as we went through downselection of options and visiting various houses over two months period of time. We finally found two places which we came very close to buying. It was a difficult choice because one place had a beautiful view of the sound with two acres of land but was significantly over the market price. The second was a house with the view which was recently reconstructed and looked much as a new construction.
Here we’d like to say thank you to Yulia for keeping monitoring of options for us. She sent me a link to a house which just came on the market the same day and it wasn’t listed on Zillow or other real estate sites. It was a house in Mukilteo old town with wonderful view of the sound and Mukilteo Lighthouse park. We’ve scheduled a visit to the house with Yulia on the next day even it was over the weekend and decided to submit the offer. Yulia was very professional and was acting with urgency which helped us to get acceptance of our offer in the shortest time possible. From that point she walked us through the whole deal and it was flawless execution of all steps. Step by step she went with us through contract paperwork, home inspection, all coordination required after inspection, financing and escrow closing. And it was a success at the end – we moved into our new house one month after we first saw it. 
It was similar experience and level of execution when Yulia helped us to sell our house in Harbour Pointe. She put the house on the market, did the marketing with a success and we’ve got an offer and she helped us to go through all steps to complete the deal. And now we can say this was the most pleasant experience for our family buying a new house and selling existing one.

Tim and Julia, Mukilteo

“..We never thought such agents exist. Yulia is the best agent you can imagine. She will deliver on your expectations and will go beyond. She is super-professional, reliable and knowledgeable.
No matter how complex is the sale, whe will make it feel like sailing throught the calm waters. She sold our house in less than a week at the great price and made us enjoy this difficult process.
We strongly recommend Yulia Billig to anyone who needs the best agent on the market is looking for the stellar service. We are buying now our next house with Yulia.”

Irin, Snoqualmie

Buying the house is never easy, but to buy it in one state while living in another is even more difficult. You do not know where to buy, what are the cons and pros, you are basically blindfolded. In this case you need someone, who will understand who you are, who will search for the house that will match your personality and your lifestyle. Fortunately for us, we found the agent Yulia Billig, who was able to find us a best place to live. 

As long as I live in US, I’ve never met an agent who would be as professional as Yulia is. All the calls or e-mails were answered within minutes. The information was so detailed, I did not need to ask many questions, she was able to foresee them. People, who were referred to us by Yulia, were professionals of a high caliber. Yulia gave us many useful advises, which made our transition very smooth. She is a serious agent, who is doing her work with dedication to her customers. I could not wish for a better agent and if I will ever buy or sell any properties I will not think twice, I will choose Yulia again. 

I rarely write reviews, but I wanted to do so, since I want more people to know about this knowledgeable professional. You can contact me anytime with your questions.

Kate, Issaquah

I have recently celebrated my first anniversary in my new house, which I purchased with Yulia Billig, as my real estate agent.

What I can say? Yulia is one of the best (if not the best) real estate agent with whom I have worked in the last 15 years. She truly understands customer needs and has an expert knowledge of the subject. She knows everything that is to know about real estate in Greater Seattle area. Yulia has a very broad knowledge of all aspects of buying, selling or building the house. Having a technical background myself, I am impressed with her deep understanding of the construction and remodeling process of the house in terms of when, where, how, how long, and how much it would cost regarding any type of work that needs to be done it the house. Yulia is an excellent negotiator. For me she managed to lower the price of the house that was already priced at the lower end of the range.
Yulia is always ready to help and had been providing an excellent informational support for all my ideas, even those that did not make sense. She explained how to do the good ones right and was very patient explaining what was wrong with others.

I strongly recommend Yulia to anybody who is planning to buy or sell a house.

Alex, Bellevue

We’ve purchased a house with Yulia’s help recently and she is easily the most energetic and no-nonsense realtor, I’ve ever seen. 
Frankly, now, I can’t stand listening to my friends talking about their misadventures with their realtors, since I keep thinking to myself - "what a pathetic story, they should’ve worked with Yulia and she would never allowed that nonsense they got themselves and their clients into”. Whenever you’re buying or selling, I’d recommend Yulia with absolutely no hesitation.

Alex, Kirkland

I was renting all the time. And finally realized I want to have my own home. I didn’t know much about market. Initially it looked simple, but more I was learning, more complicated it becomes. And finally one of my friends recommended Yulia’s services. She helped him to find the home two years ago and he was very satisfied. We met with Yulia and she agreed to help me. I’ve selected two dozens from hundreds of possible ones. Yulia helped to narrow the selection by excluding the houses which had flaws which I was’t aware of. She gave her valuable expertise and saved me from choosing the options which I would regret later on. She continued support along the way, was giving valuable advises and really helped my on many occasions. It was really pleasure to work with Yulia. I moved into my new house in a very short period. I didn’t think it is even possible. But thanks to her help, I have my own home which I love.

Alex, Issaquah  

From the very beginning, Yulia was through and on-point. We walked in to our very first meeting with little knowledge, and were treated to a crash course of the home buying process. Yulia had the experience to tell us not only what all the steps were, but also what we have to watch out for, and what we should really focus on. 

After a while of looking, guided by Yulia's knowledge and advice, we found a house that we wanted to put an offer on. Here too, Yulia was instrumental. She worked closely with our lender and was effectively managing the negotiation process with the seller's agent. The negotiation process was tense, but Yulia kept her cool, making the right moves at the right time. Together, we were able to close the house that we were so excited about! 

At every step Yulia was there with knowledge, experience, and advice that was instrumental to our successful purchase. We have been living in this new house for two months now, and our appreciation for it continues to grow, all thanks to Yulia. I would recommend Yulia to anyone in a heartbeat!

S&L Seattle

Yulia has done a great job in selling our townhouse. Throughout the process, she’s been keen on all details and followed up with every single request we had. The staging was masterfully executed and it created the welcoming and warm atmosphere that helped us to sell it efficiently and at the best price, which was15% higher than the listing price. Yulia has also helped us to buy a house of our dreams and we are excited to move in shortly.

Mr. & Mrs. Sable